Fábio Florencio

Executive Producer

Fábio Florencio

Fábio Florencio

Game Director, Producer and Pixel Polisher, UK

I started my career in games from the desire to associate education with technology in a format of games or digital activities. I have been working in the game industry since 2006, beginning as a Game Tester, moving to Sound Designer in 2007 and then to Game Designer position until 2014.

In 2015 I worked as Executive Producer at Rovio where I had the opportunity to deliver Angry Birds products with a learning twist inviting NASA astronomers and even Shakira to participate in our educational vision. In 2016 I assumed the role of Executive Producer at a Rovio subsidiary focused in learning games, Fun Academy. In that position, I facilitated the communication between different areas (management, art, technology, pedagogy), owned the product from scratch creating documentation, screen flows, product planning, documenting the game mechanics, made AB tests with small kids, defined the product KPI’s, managed outsourced subcontractors (Q.A, audio, art, UX) and established/maintained the monetization drivers. When the project foundation was settled, I also trained the other producers and defined their roles.

In 2017 the company opened a small studio in Alicante (Spain) and there I had the opportunity to lead a small game development team (12 people). This experience allowed me to tap different areas from partnership management, to Live-Ops operations, from technology negotiations to user research. Not everything was created internally, so part of the production relied on 3rd party companies in other countries.

Nowadays, I’m proudly working in XR Games (Leeds, U.K). ​There I’m the Game Producer responsible for the team activities which is developing The Angry Birds Movie 2: Under Pressure for PlayStation 4 VR alongside Sony Pictures and Rovio. I’m going through the Sony’s VR consultation, FQA submission, Age Ratings process, negotiating and managing outsourced companies (localisation, FQA, LQA, CQA, audio, additional art, ports viability) while I keep the activities of the internal team up to date using Trello, Jira, Confluence, organizing meetings (planning, stand-ups, retrospective and keeping the project vision aligned with budget and executive vision.

I am graduated in music and have a master's degree in design.

I have a passion for games, playing always when possible, and reading news daily. I am also an avid World of Warcraft player and I love pen and paper RPGs.

My works include several titles in family games, social games, advergames, learning games and company's IP's for different platforms as Playstation VR, Nintendo Swift, Samsung VR Gear, PSN, Samsung Smart TV, iOS, Web, Android and XNA.

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